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                  1. Does SINOCEM have its own vessels?
                  Yes, we have. SINOCEM owns ten more long-term and shor-term rented vessels, which are in stable operation, with load capacity from 38,000 - 64,000 tons.


                  2. Why SINOCEM is “China’s “the” cement liner to South America & West Africa” ?
                  SINOCEM has its own shipping department, focusing on self trading services, and also is the only one who has ability to do direct-line from China to South America and West Africa. We guarantee to deliver your cargos in the safest and fastest way, especially for the overseas construction projects, SINOCEM promises to suppy definitely-in-time.


                  3. How many days does it take for a vessel from China to reach destination ports in South America, West & Middle Africa?

                  It takes about 30 days for a vessel from China to reach destination ports in South America, and about 35 days to reach destination ports in West & Middle Africa.


                  4. What is SINOCEM’s guarenteed loading rate in Chinese ports?
                  - Min. 10,000mt weather working day (WWD SHINC) for a shipment of 30,000mt and above.
                  - Min. 6,000mt weather working day (WWD SHINC) for a shipment of 12,500mt.

                  - SINOCEM employs cranes with min. 20mt per lift.


                  5. What should be done for cement importers to achieve the target discharging rate in an African port?
                  - Possession of an import licence;
                  - Good preparation of documents;
                  - Good customs clearance;
                  - On-time payment to stevedore, customs and agent;
                  - Find a warehouse sufficient for interim storage of bagged cement;
                  - Employ a sufficient number of trucks and trailors from a reliable transport company to move bagged cement out of the port terminal immediately after discharging from the ship. Never ever attempt to use the ship as the warehouse because this is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!

                  - Make sure that the stevedore works in 3 shifts 24 hours around the clock including weekends and holidays because the chartering term is WWD SHINC and vessel is paid everyday including weekends and holidays!

                  - Get BV or SGS inspection on discharging and get a discharging report from them;
                  - We strongly recommend our discharging equipment, which is inexpensive and easy to handle, to be used at some ill-equipped discharging ports so as to prevent demurrage, save your cost and achieves your profit target. 


                  6. Who is paying the maritime insurance for the cement cargo?
                  Depending on your export/import cement trading terms with SINOCEM. If our cement (steel) price is based on CFR terms, maritime insurance is paid by yourself as Buyer. If our cement (steel) price is CIF terms, maritime insurance is paid by us as Seller.


                  7. Loading and discharging: whose responsibility?
                  We normally export cement (steel) based on the term of CFR, CIF or DAP Free out One Safe Berth. Loading is for the account of SINOCEM as Seller who ensures safe delivery of the cement cargo to the port of destination. 

                  Discharging is in full responsibility and account of the Buyer who should ensure:

                  - confirmation on acceptance or rejection of the performing vessel within 24 hours after receiving the full particulars and documents of the vessel;

                  - immediate berthing of the performing vessel upon its arrival at the nearby anchorage of the discharging port and tendering of the Notice of Readiness (NOR) by Master of the vessel;

                  - proper discharging rate (speed) as stipulated in the Sales Contract signed between you as Buyer with us SINOCEM as Seller. A Statement of Fact (SOF) would be signed by Master of the vessel recording the facts of the whole process of discharging. In case of discharging rate lower than the agreed rate, Buyer needs to pay Seller a DEMURRAGE as per the Sales Contract.


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