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                  1. How is SINOCEM packing superior than other cement suppliers?
                  While most cement traders merely tie cover to body of the sling bag, we pack cement with fully stitched/covered sling bags. After the 2mt sling bag is filled with 50kg small bags, the cover is tightly stitched to the bag body with handy sewing machines, thus ensuring full protection to cement from rain and humidity.


                  2. Are SINOCEM’s cement bags tough and seaworthy?
                  Guaranteed thanks to our years of experience in cement export. Samples are available. 50kg small bags are made of either laminated PP alone or “PAPER outside + laminated PP inside", which protects the cement inside from humidity. 2mt sling bags are made of laminated PP with the cover sewed neatly to the body, thus ensuring water-proof and sea-worthy quality. Both body and sling are tough enough for long distance transportation and for loading + discharging for numerous times. BUREAU VERITAS or SGS certificate ensures good condition of bagging and seaworthiness. Maritime insurance 110% of full cargo value provides further guarantee.


                  3. Can SINOCEM supply 42.5kg, 25kg and even 10kg small bags instead of 50kg bagging?
                  Yes, we do offer all kinds of bagging services subject to clients’ needs.


                  4. Can SINOCEM export cement/clinker in bulk?
                  Yes, we do. We have long-term relations with ship owners of specialized bulk cement carriers and can deliver bulk cement subject to clients’ discharging capability at ports. For bulk portland cement clinker, our 5000mt small bulk vessels are used to load clinker ship-to-ship to a panamax vessel.


                  5. Why is warehouse necessary for storage of bagged cement?
                  Enemies of cement include rain and humidity, therefore dry warehouse is necessary for storage to garantee cement quality. In case warehouse is lacked and bagged cement has to be stored in open ground, it should be done with special care. For open ground storage, please directly contact your export manager for techniques and equipment needed.


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