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                  SINOCEM is China’s leading cement exporter, and a recognized international brand for our quality cement exported overseas. With the export and overseas investment center based in Hangzhou and regional distribution offices in Africa and Latin America, SINOCEM exports several million tons of cement on annual basis to about 20 countries in Africa and Latin America under the brands of: SINOCEM, CEMENTO SUR, LEOMAX, etc.

                  The quality of cement and other building materials exported by SINOCEM are firmly guaranteed by the international certification of SGS or Bureau Varitas on the products of South Cement Group as a result of the merges and acquisitions of dozens of cement plants with an annual cement production capacity at over 100 million tons, and its annual concrete production capacity at over 100 million cubic meters, done by China National Building Materials(CNBM).

                  In 2013, SINOCEM established a vessel management and chartering company SINOBULK as well as a shipping operating company LEOMAX MARITIME, so as to guarantee timely, predictable and secure export of our own cement and other construction materials. 

                  Thanks to Chinese Government’s “One Belt One Road” policy formally pronounced by President Xi Jinping during the “Belt and Road Forum” in May 2017 to encourage China’s strong manufactures to invest overseas, SINOCEM will complete the structuring stage of the 1st group of overseas investment projects by end of 2017 to be executed in our Five-Year Plan 2018-2022. 

                  Use our cement, build your world. SINOCEM has a dream: it is to illuminate every corner of the world, to send warmth to the underprivileged, and to make the world an easier one to live in, especially for those have-nots. 

                  WHY SINOCEM?

                  1. LEADING EXPORTER IN CHINA:
                  SINOCEM is China’s largest cement exporter with our reputable SINOCEM and LEOMAX brand in the markets of Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.
                  SINOCEM is producing premium quality cement products in accordance with and high than a wide range of international standards including American ASTM, European BS/EN and FN, Russian GOST, Chinese GB, as well as other national standards in various local markets with CE, FN, ISO, SGS and BV certifications.
                  3. VARIETY OF PRODUCTS:
                  SINOCEM produces a most complete range of cement products such as oil cement, hydropower dam cement, nuclear power station cement, tunnel cement, metro cement, marine cement, highway cement, white cement as well as ordinary portland cement.
                  4. LOGISTIC STRENGTH:
                  SINOCEM is offering a complete door-to-door service thanks to our logistic strength with 2 shipping companies of SINOBULK and LEOMAX MARITIME operating 4 bulk vessel shiplines from China to West Africa, Southeast Africa, Latin America Westcoast and Latin America Eastcoast calling upon dozens of ports and terminals.
                  SINOCEM is offering a competitive pricing structure to our clients aiming at lowering down the construction cost bringing benefits for the local community without however any discount on quality standard.
                  6. AFTER-SALES SERIVICES:
                  SINOCEM, with our sales network covering Africa, Asia, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, has always been in contact with our clients to know your needs, concerns, advices, requests and comments, and our services do not stop with "No Complaint".
                  7. LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP:
                  SINOCEM aims at long term partnership with our clients not only in high tides but also in low, difficult moments powered by our persistant, strong supports in our capacity as China’s largest and the world’s leading supplier of cement products and other construction materials.
                  8. PROFESSIONAL TEAM
                  Quality services are offered by SINOCEM’s professional trading team fluent in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese, conversant in international trading and project supply, covering Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America with professional knowledge on technology and production of cement and other construction materials.

                  SINOCEM means not only cement products, but much more-professionalism and credibility, relation and network, quality and service. In a word, SINOCEM means SUCCESS and SATISFACTION for our distinguished clients!
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